Art Test Kit Singapore Free And How To Use

Art Test Kit Singapore

Here we will discuss the art test kit in Singapore. Art is the abbreviation of Antigen rapid test. It helps us know that we are suffering from the covid 19 virus. We should not use the art test if we suffer from cough, influenza, and high fever. If we have these symptoms, then we should visit the doctor immediately.

Where can we buy an art test kit?

We can easily buy it from nearby pharmacies. We can also buy it from the shops. 

Who is eligible for an art test kit?

People who receive a message from the health ministry are eligible for taking the antigen rapid test kit. The message informs you that you need to do a self-test (art test). When you receive a letter from MOH, you should bring your Singapore ID with you. You required it there for scanning.

How to use the art test kit?

Now I will tell you that how can you use it:

1. Hands should be clean before the test.

2. Clean the place before the test.

3. For starting a test, take out the device.

4. Take out the swab stick from the packet.

5. Insert it into the nostrils of your nose and rotate it five times.

6. After it, insert the swab stick into the tube and stir it for a while.

7. Press the tube when the swab is extracted.

8. Now, close the cap of the tube tightly. Shake it for mixing the solution.

9. Put 3 to 5 drops on the test cartridge and wait for at least 15 mint.

10. Place the test cartridge on the flat surface during the test.

11. Now, read the result on the test cartridge.

12. There are two positions on the test cartridge: the C and the T position. Suppose the line appears on positions C and T, then its mean positive result. It would be best if you informed your employer or visited the doctor.

13. If the line appears only on the C position, it means a negative result.

14. If the line appears only on the T position, it means an invalid result. You should repeat your test on another test kit. Trash all the used things into the bag.

15. After it cleans the place again.

16. it would be best if you cleaned your hands after the test.

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