Cane Corso bite force

Cane Corso bite force

Cane Corso is included in the top three strongest bite force dogs. The bite force of Cane Corso is about 700 PSI (pounds per square inch). Because of this bite force, Cane Corso is considered one of the strongest bite force dogs in the world. The body strength depends on the jaws, skull size and weight of the dogs. Cane Corso should be trained properly otherwise they might harm the public.

Calculation of Bite force of Cane Corso:

The bite force of Cane Corso is 700 PSI. It is a greater bite force than a cheetah and loin. The bite force of the cheetah is about 475 PSI and the loin is 650 PSI. In early times, dogs’ bite force was calculated by the head or skull size and bite injuries. By all these factors, they can not measure the bite force directly. Nowadays, bite force is measured by a special instrument called a digital bite meter. When a dog bites this instrument, it will calculate the applied PSI.

About Cane Corso:

Cane Corso is an Italian breed dog. They are powerful and have bulky bodies. These dogs are used for hunting. They are also good guards. Cane Corso is not aggressive inherently. But Cane Corso is dangerous because they are big and powerful. The owner should train their dogs so that the people around them are kept safe. It is not necessary that all dogs are dangerous because all dogs have different properties, triggers, fears, and thresholds.

Cane Corso is quiet, intelligent, dignified, active, smart, and faithful. They are not dangerous but if they are trained under the wrong people, they may be dangerous. The dogs with wide jaws have a great bite force and are more dangerous than smaller breed dogs. Generally, when dogs bite and lock their jaws, these jaws can not be unlocked until they want. But this rule is not for Cane Corso. Cane Corso can not lock their jaws. When they attack anything, they bite with 700 PSI force and release. But they can tightly hold the things with their jaws, as they have strong jaw muscles.

How can Cane Corso leave his bite?:

When Cane Corso attacks any person or animal, then it is difficult to leave his bite. They usually attack those people with whom they have any problem. When such a situation happens to you, then take a grip of one or both hind legs of the dog so that he lost his balance or take hold of the dog’s tail and one hind leg until the owner control the dog. If the dog still does not release its bite then hold his hind legs and flip on the back. It should be helpful.

Can Cane Corso kill a person?

Recently, this dog breed has killed many humans. So the answer is, yes it can kill a person. The bite force of Cane Corso can also break the bones of a person. Cane Corso is quiet and does not attack without any reason. But if they become aggressive, then they are dangerous. They are usually kept as a guard. They bite his enemy. They can know the threat around by their intelligence.

These dogs are banned in some countries like Ireland, Germany, England, France, and Canada. These dogs are legalized in the United States of America and Australia. But you need precautions.

The bite force of some other dog breeds:

Here we will tell you about the strong bite force of some dogs.

  • Kangal Dog: This breed is at the top in a spot of bite force. The bite force of the Kangal dog is 743 PSI.
  • Bandog Dog: These dogs are protective of their families. But the bit force is 730 PSI which is very dangerous.
  • Tosa Inu: The bite force of this breed is 556 PSI.
  • English Mastiff: It is a family dog. It needs full training because the bite force is 552 PSI.
  • Dogo Canario: 540 PSI is the bite force of Dogo Canario.
  • Leonberger: This breed of dogs like to bark and chew. Their bite force is 399 PSI.
  • American Bulldog: They are so cute and soft. So everyone wants to have dogs like these. 305 PSI is the bite force of Bulldogs.
  • German Shepherd: This breed of dog is usually used by police officers because they are very smart and active. The bite force of this breed is 238 PSI.
  • American Pit Bull: The bite force of Pit Bulldog is 235 PSI. They are popular but dangerous.
  • Boxer: Boxers are not dangerous for people but they can kill animals if not properly trained. The bite force of Boxer is 230 PSI.
  • Doberman: The bite force of this breed is about 229 PSI. They are very pretty.
  • Chow-Chow: It is a popular breed of dog with a bite force of 220 PSI.
  • English Bulldog: They are very friendly and like to play with children and other pets. Their bite force is about 210 PSI.
  • Malinois: This breed is also known as Belgian Shepherd. The bite force of this breed is just 195 PSI.

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