Cleaner For Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete 3.0

Cleaner For Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete 3.0. Instagram is the most famous social media application. It has billion of users, and its users are increasing day by day. Sometimes many unwanted followers increase on your Instagram. To remove these unwanted followers, you need a cleaner.

Recent research has shown that many people need a cleaner . There are many Instagram cleaners available on the internet. But here we will tell you about some best cleaners app.

Cleaner For Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete 3.0

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Cleaner For Instagram Info Table

Size12.71 MB
Requirement4.0 or higher
Content RatingEveryone
UpdatedMar 30, 2018

Best Cleaner for Instagram:

The best Instagram cleaner has many features like follow, unfollow, block, unlike, unblock or like posts. Some best cleaners apps for Instagram are as follows:

  • Cleaner for Instagram
  • SpamGuard App
  • Follow Cop
  • Firing Table
  • Followers & Unfollowers
  • Unfollow Pro for Instagram
  • Unfollow for Instagram

Cleaner for Instagram:

Cleaner for Instagram helps you to clean your Instagram accounts. It also helps you to remove unwanted followers. You can also delete Instagram posts by the cleaner. If you liked any post previously and now want to unlike it, then you can do it easily with the help of a cleaner. You can block or unblock people in no time. This application is lightweight and can be used on almost all versions of Android.

SpamGuard App:

It is also cleaner for Instagram accounts. It has an anti-spam monitor feature that blocks the comments and followers which you do not want. This app also helps you to clean and protect Instagram from spam and bots. SpamGuard app is also effective for protecting business as well as personal Instagram accounts.

Follow cop:

Follow cop is the best app. It helps you to unfollow ghost accounts. It also informs you when anyone unfollows you on Instagram. This amazing app is available for all versions of Android. It is very useful as it identifies the accounts that use tools to follow you and then unfollow you quietly in a week or later.

Firing Table:

It is not just an cleaner but also an Instagram growth service. It helps you to increase your followers. This app is available for almost all versions of Android.

Followers and Unfollowers:

It is a unique, cleaner app for Instagram. It helps you to unfollow the users who did not follow you back. You can see who unfollowed you in the recent week by this app. It informs you who does not comment or liked your previous ten posts.

Unfollow Pro for Instagram:

This app helps you to find the Instagram of your fans, unfollowers, ghost followers, and many more. You can unfollow your ghost followers and also erase them from the follower list. It is a very simple and quick app. It keeps you up to date, and you can also get information about your account.

Unfollower for Instagram:

It is also one of the best cleaner apps. This app informs you which people you follow, and they do not follow you again. It also tells you who unfollowed you this week. With this app, you can know who followed you, but you did not follow him back. It is also helpful in knowing which followers did not comment or liked your previous ten posts.


I personally use this app Cleaner For Instagram. But these all are the best cleaner apps for Instagram. These apps help you to clean your Instagram accounts. There are many advantages of using these apps. They improve your following ratio and minimize the number of posts on your feed. Finally, your Instagram accounts start to grow.

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