Dubai Postal Code, Dubai Zip Code

Dubai Postal Code, Dubai Zip Code

You do not know the Dubai postal code and Dubai zip code. You can understand these codes in our post. Read it, and it will help you.

  • Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Dubai zip code: 00000

If anyone does not know these codes, then ask him to put five zeros.

Dubai Postal Code Dubai ZIP Code:

It is unbelievable that there is no postal code and postcode for Dubai or any other state in the United Arab Emirates. But if you want to know the zip code for any legal work, then you will be asked to put five zeros (00000) as a zip code of Dubai.

Facts about the zip code of Dubai:

It is necessary to write a zip code for the postal address in Dubai. But you can use your Makani number instead of your zip code in Dubai for the postal address. So before putting the postal address, you should put the right Makani number. You can also use some other codes instead of postal or zip codes which are as follows:

  • Mumtaz Speed zip code: 337-1243
  • Dubai Central zip code: 337-1500
  • Jumeirah zip code: 337-1500

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Facts about the postal code of Dubai:

The postal system of the UAE is different from the system of some other countries. For the right postal delivery, there is a Makani number for each home and building in Dubai. This Makani number is used in place of the zip code. This Makani number is written on the postal address for the right postal delivery. When you put the Makani number on your packet, then it will reach the correct building or home. That is why the central post office of Dubai has given the five zeros (00000) as the zip code of Dubai.

  • Deira Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Al Nahda postal code: 98623
  • Al Nahda zip code: 98623
  • Bur Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Bur Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira postal code: 00000
  • Abu hail postal code: 125212 (Pin code)

Central post office of Dubai:

The Postal and zip codes system is done by the central post office of Dubai by using the PO box numbers in the matter of posts and business addresses. Now common people can also use PO boxes like companies to get their posts safe. But you need to pay the registration fee and annual fee.

  • Registration fees: 70 AED
  • Annual fee: 250 AED each year

How to get a PO box in Dubai?:

You can use a PO box in place of zipping, postal code, or Makani number in Dubai. You can get a PO box by following the lines, which are as follows:

  • Get a form from the Dubai central post office and fill it out.
  • Attach a copy of your Emirates ID card and of your passport.
  • You also need to attach your two pictures of passport size.

The official website Emirates Post is also helpful for applying for the PO box number.

Company mail postal code and zip in the United Arab Emirates:

It is accurate that there are no postal or zip codes for Dubai and many other states of the United Arab Emirates. Many people worry about what they should do if anyone asks Amazon, Ali Express Type Company, to write these codes?. Here we will give you some options for help which are as follows:

  • The mainly used code is five zeros (00000) in Dubai. So you should also use these five zeros as a code in any state of the United Arab Emirates.
  • The other option is to leave the given space for code empty or simply write “NA.”
  • For postcode and country, use the United Arab Emirates.
  • Your cell number is also helpful as it starts from 05. The benefit of this is assumed that there is any problem related to location or transportation. The center of mail will call your versatile once to transfer the item. There is a chance to share the bundle rather than the letter.
  • You should make it a point that postcode designs and restraining postal districts are expected. You should view the online legal status of the significant nations and assume that an eligible postcode is needed for housing structure instead of adequate arrangements. In every situation, even though everything is right and fair, you should think that you are forced to do this on the website. You must tell whether you are or not really.
  • For convention addresses, a PO box is used. It will be shown two times on the point place. But sometimes, you will receive one duplicate.
  • Sometimes the mailing station will not transfer the mail on the Makani number. So in these cases, you need a PO box. 

Abu Dhabi zip and postal code:

Many people ask a question about the postal and zip code of Abu Dhabi. But there is no postal or zip code for Abu Dhabi. You can just write N/A or five zeros (00000). In other words, we can say that the zip code and postal code of Abu Dhabi is 00000.

  • Abu Dhabi zip code: 00000
  • Abu Dhabi postal code: 00000

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Sharjah zip and postal code:

Many people search for the zip and postal code of Sharjah. They find no codes. 00000 is used as the zip and postal code of Sharjah.

  • Sharjah zip code: 00000
  • Sharjah postal code: 00000

UAE postal and zip code:

UAE is the biggest city. More than half percent of foreigners live here. They find the postal and zip code. But they find no code. So you can use 00000 as the postal and zip code. 

  • UAE postal code: 00000
  • UAE zip code: 00000

The United Arab Emirates postal system mainly uses Makani numbers instead of zipping and postal codes. So use postal and zip code there, where needed.



1. What is the UAE zip code?

The UAE zip code is 00000.

2. What is the UAE postal code?

The UAE postal code is 00000.

3. What is the zip and postal code of Sharjah?

  • Sharjah zip code: 00000
  • Sharjah postal code: 00000

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