GB Instagram APK Latest Version 2022

GB Instagram APK Latest Version 2022. It is the age of international technology. It has become impossible to survive without any social media application or internet. Facebook is the first and most important social media application. Instagram is one of the famous social media applications. This was launched in 2010. It has billion of users, and its users are increasing day by day. It is the most famous app after Facebook for uploading and getting images and videos.

As Whatsapp has modded version GB Whatsapp, similarly Instagram has also introduced its modded version GB Instagram. It has many unique features that are much better than the original app. While using GB Instagram, you may get lost in the world of unique and new videos, images, and live streaming.

GB Instagram APK

GB Instagram Apk Info Table

AppGb Instagram
Version Latest
Size38.8 MB
Update1 day ago

What is GB Instagram?

Here we will tell you about the famous and modded version of Instagram. Yes, we are talking about GB Instagram. GB Instagram apk has many new features that are of best quality than the original Instagram app. These features are exciting. These features force the users to delete their Instagram app and download this amazing version (GB Instagram) on their phones. If you do not know about its features, then install this application on your phone right now, check its features and enjoy the app.

If you are far away from your friends and want to enjoy your events with friends, then you can still enjoy them with your friends. You can celebrate your functions with your friends by sharing videos and pictures with them. You can also upload your stories. It helps you to share your videos and images and chat with other people that are present on your list.

It is the best app, and millions of people have downloaded this app. Its users are increasing day by day. The size of this app is about 38 MBs. It does not cover much space, that’s why liked by many people. Download this amazing app and enjoy its features. Also you can check Instagram Pro APK Download Latest Version 2022.

Features of GB Instagram APK:

  • You can share and download images, videos, and live streams of your friends.
  • You can also zoom in on the images and videos of your friends.
  • Now there is possible to zoom in on the profile picture of your friend or any other person.
  • You can hide your online status.
  • Users can customize themes of their own choice.
  • You can also mark a star on any text you want.
  • There is no need for a reboot of GB Instagram.
  • It is an anti-ban APK.
  • You can turn off the dragging option to the left and right.
  • There is a translator in this app. You can translate the messages coming from your foreign friend.
  • You can comment on your friend’s post or copy it and paste it to your WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Users can enjoy these fantastic features without paying any money.

Useful features of GB Instagram:

Useful features of GB Instagram are these

Download videos and pictures:

Downloading pictures and videos are the most fantastic feature of GB Instagram. You can not download the videos and images on the original app of Instagram. You will be sad to hear that you can not download videos from Instagram in this advanced age of technology. But do not worry; now you can download the images, videos, and live streaming of your family, relatives, and friends by GB Instagram. You can download the image or video with just one click, and your friend can not know about it.
On the top right corner of the image, click on the icon and then select the option ‘download.’ Your image will be downloaded. You can check this image in your mobile gallery.

Dual Instagram:

You can use dual Instagram with the help of GB Instagram. Many people use dual Instagram, one for family or friends and the other for business. Now they can use dual Instagram accounts in one app with the help of GB Instagram. This feature is not available on the typical Instagram application.


You can customize themes of your own choice on GB Instagram. It is a world of full colors, so no one can use one single theme all the time. They get bored of it. So there is the option of customization in GB Instagram that allows you to customize your theme by your own choice.

Hide your online presence:

It is an essential feature of GB Instagram in this busy routine life. Sometimes we do not have time to reply to our friends despite being online. But now you can hide by the feature ‘hide your online presence of GB Instagram. With this feature, you will not be shown online, and your friend will not text you or wait for your reply.

Copy anyone’s post caption:

There is a copy option on GB Instagram. You can copy the image or caption of any post or text of your friend or any other person. This feature is not available on Instagram. Sometimes we like someone’s caption and want to copy it. But we can not copy it. This feature is available on only GB Instagram.

Mark any message with a star:

On GB Instagram, you can mark any message with a star. This is advanced and has many unique features of GB Instagram. This feature is also not available on the Instagram app. You just need to start the message and find it again quickly in the starred messages.

Built-in auto translator:

In GB Instagram, there is also a built-in auto translator. It is also an advanced and essential feature of GB Instagram. This translator can help you translate any text. If your friend is living in a foreign country and sends you a message, but you can not understand it. So this feature is for you. You can easily translate that message into any language with the help of a translator.

Zoom in the pictures or profile:

It is a fantastic feature of GB Instagram, and it is not available on the original Instagram app. Sometimes we want to zoom the picture or profile photo of our friend to see his/her jewelry or dress. So there is a zoom option. You can zoom in and zoom out of the picture.

Anti-ban APK:

GB Instagram is safe from being banned from the official website of Instagram. The modded version of Instagram is opposite to the terms and privacy policy of official Instagram, but this GB Instagram is anti-ban APK.

Download GB instagram:

You want to download GB Instagram apk. Do not worry, we will tell you. You will not find GB Instagram on the google play store. To download it, you need to go to the website and download it from there.

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