How many rivers in pakistan

How Many Rivers Are There In Pakistan?

After a thorough investigation after the thorough research, we have found the answers to the question All Rivers in Pakistan. There are 28 rivers that flow through pakistan that are listed above. Searching for How Many Rivers Are There In Pakistan? Check out this complete page to find the complete list of Rivers that flow through Pakistan controlled by the Government of Pakistan. It is a fact that Pakistan is among the countries blessed with rivers. They usually come from snowy Himalayan as well as the Karakorum Range. They play an important role in every country because of the irrigation properties. They directly improve the country’s agriculture. Rivers are the ideal source of irrigation, and they supply essential water to the crop.

There are many rivers in Pakistan. However, 5 rivers are the most popular, which flow through Punjab. In this article, we will provide the reasons behind each of the major 5 rivers of Pakistan:


Major Rivers In Pakistan

  1. Indus River:

Indus River is thought to be among the most extensive rivers of Asia. The Indus River originates from the Tibetan Plateau and has been coursing throughout the Ladakh region in Jammu as well as Kashmir. It is the national waterway of Pakistan. It has a total area of its drainage greater than 1165,000 sq km 2,050 sq mi (450,000 sq miles).

  1. Sutlej:

Sutlej is referred to as the most eastern tributary of the Indus River. The river is known by its Sanskrit name of Shatadru. It has the principal source of its origin, which lies in Rakshastal Lake In The Place Of Tibet. The length total of Sutlej is thought to be approximately 1500 Km. It is thought to be the longest of Punjab.

  1. Ravi:

It’s fascinating to learn it is that it is known that the Vedic title of Ravi was Purushini. It is the name given to Iravati in Sanskrit. The river originates in the Kangra district along the border of Himachal Pradesh and makes its journey to Punjab to the north that is Pathankot district. The river has been running all the way to the international border that runs through the border between India along with Pakistan. It runs at a total length of about 720 km.

  1. Chenab:

The waterway is also known under the name Askani in Vedas . In Sanskrit it is referred to as Chandra Bhaga. This river is usually located along the valley through it’s way through the Himalayas within the area of Lahaul and also in the Spiti district in the region that is Himachal Pradesh. The length of the river is about 960 kilometers.

  1. Jhelum:

We have lastly to mention the Jhelum river! The river’s Vedic as well as Sanskrit title is Vitasta. This river originates from Verinag. This river nearly runs through the valleys through Jammu and Kashmir and makes its way to the entrance of Punjab. Its length is 725 Km.

Question: How Many Rivers Are There In Pakistan?

  1. 30 Rivers
  2. 25 Rivers
  3. 28 Rivers, with five major Five
  4. 32 Rivers

Response: There are 28 rivers in Pakistan with the Major Five

  • Astor River
  • Chenab River
  • Dasht River
  • Dastiari River
  • Gambia River
  • Ghaggar-Hakra River
  • Ghizar River
  • Gomal River
  • Hub River
  • Hungol River
  • Hunza River
  • Indus River
  • Jhelum River
  • Kabul River
  • Swaan River
  • Kundra River
  • Kunhar River
  • Kurram River
  • Lyari River
  • Malir River
  • Panjkora, Panjnad River
  • Ravi River
  • Shigar River
  • Shimshal River
  • Sutlej River
  • Swat River
  • Tochi River
  • Zhob River

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