How to clean a suit jacket

How to clean a suit jacket

A suit jacket is also called a suit coat. A single suit jacket has two or three buttons. Most jackets have a variety of inner and outer pockets. Your suit is a beautiful thing in your closet. It can use for many years. A suit jacket is a beautiful thing for your personality. Classic suits have credited the financing. Cleaning or washing a suit jacket is a very tough and time-consuming method. Suppose you have good behavior with your suit jacket. Then you can use it for many days without throwing your suit jacket in the washing machine. So you know that you need some minutes and some materials for cleaning your suit jacket. Here we tell you how to wash your suit and store it carefully at home. 

Clean and Maintain Your suit jacket:

Now we will tell you a few steps to clean and maintain your suit jacket. such as

  1. Clean white cloths.
  2. Suit brush.
  3. Mild detergent.
  4. Lint roller.
  5. Garment steamer.
  6. Iron and ironing board.
  7. Wooden hanger.
  8. Dark, cool area for storage.

Some easy steps for cleaning a suit jacket:

There are nine easy steps present for cleaning a suit jacket. Now we discuss these steps. such as

Take it off:

When you reach your home then, quickly take off your suit and hang it in a place where the wind can blow. You need mostly 30 minutes to do this.

Brush and roll:

Wash your suit jacket properly. Like that, start brush shoulder and reach down. Completely wash jacket arms and around the sides. Use the lint roller to wash the jacket with the same process.

Spot clean:

Now we will tell you how to clean a suit jacket. If you see a stain, remove the clean white clothes and use our spot cleaning solution, which is to remove on any type of stain. Conscientiously clean the spot. See the label before using a cleaning process and take special care for washing some special clothes.

Steam cleaning:

Wash the jacket properly as the jacket arm, Shoulder, Sides, front, and back and steam the sleeves. Remove the steam to use a steamer. Remove all wrinkle and smell from steaming.


If you see some wrinkles or suit fabrics, then use your iron to finish those areas. It is very easy for you to search cleaner if you want to look professional.

The smell test:

You know, You need a steamer to remove steam. In this process, you need to know that all smells are removed. If you feel some smell, then you need to dry it.

Air dry:

Hang your suit jacket in good places to make sure that it is completely dry before storing.

Hang properly:

After washing properly, you hang it on a wooden hanger. It is a good choice for a caring suit jacket.

Practice good closeting:

 Keep your suit jacket cool, dark, dry closet with a couple of inches between it and other garments. Plastic bags are not good for hanging suit jackets.

Why You Should Not Wash Your Suit Jacket At Home:

Now we talk about some disadvantages of cleaning suit jacket at home. A few mishaps could happen to your expensive garment. such as

  • If you leave your jacket shapelessly. Then woven fabrics shrinks and are damaged.
  • Even the fabrics are loose and hang below them.
  • Dry cleaner change suit jacket shape,Iron is not proper good for a suit jacket.

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