international women’s day theme 2023

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international women’s day theme 2023

8 March 2023, we will celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) to highlight the important contribution that innovation plays when we try to crack the code to achieve the equality of women.

Innovative, bold ideas and equal access to digital technology and education. This is what it takes to boost the educational outcomes of women in marginalized areas, reduce the digital divide and fight discrimination.

Many remarkable women from all over the world make use of their expertise and expertise in science engineering, technology and math (STEM) to achieve this goal.

International Women’s Day 2023celebrates women who harness the transformative power of technology to crack the code for gender equality. In order to break down the barriers and to create new economic, social and civic codes which make way for future generations.

We’ll connect you with a few ladies. Their empowering stories of perseverance and determination and their unwavering determination to cracking the code are sure to be awe-inspiring and captivating.

International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, social, cultural and political accomplishments of women from all over the world. While it is not a day to celebrate only women, the celebration focuses on equality, unity and advocacy, particularly in a time when the gender differences and inequities between men and women are just as significant as they have ever been.

Around 20 countries in particular in Asia observe it by giving the day off for allworkers, while three (including China) allow all women to have a day free. Many people who appear to be unable to accept the idea about International Women’s Day may think it’s a new invention It’s actually not. the first time it was acknowledged officially was in 1911 and it became a major celebration within the Soviet Union from 1917 (even having a day off from work beginning in 1965). Since 1977 it has been recognized by it has been recognized by the United Nations has made it an important day to promote women’s rights as well as world peace.

Before you say yes you should know that there’s an International Men’s Day, on the 19th of November. In addition it’s possible to watch Richard Herring (@Herring1967) respond to all Twitter person who has this question in the next 24 hours, when women are honored.

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