IPS Salary, Eligibility, & other details complete guide

IPS Salary, Eligibility, & other details complete guide

Is there a person who is IPS officer?

An IPS officer ensures the enforcement of the law and orders,ensures the nation’s protectionand keeps peace in the civil sphere. This position them for higher ranks within both central and state police forces. As an IPS officer is a powerful position that is highly responsible and has a lot of authority, therefore those who are promoted to IPS officers are determined to make an impact in the country. The approval for IPS officers is managed through the Ministry of Home Affairs. IPS officials are appointed by President India however, they work under the authority of allocated states’ governments..


How do I get an IPS Officer (3-step guide)

1. Stream until you have selected

If you are interested in becoming an IPS officer, you must finish your education with the CBSE board and choose one of the streams in arts.

Step 2:Educational Requirements

To be an IPS officer after the 12th

  • Undergraduate courses in India

All of the programs below are of three years duration.

  • BA in Political Science
  • BA/BSc in Agriculture
  • BA in Philosophy
  • BA in Sociology
  • BA/BSc in Economics
  • BSc in Finance
  • BA in Geography
  • BA in History
  • BA in Psychology
  • Top Colleges for Arts
Top Colleges for Arts Location
St.Xaviers College Mumbai
Lady Shri Ram College for Women Delhi
Christ University Bangalore
Loyola College Chennai
Presidency College Chennai
Hindu College Delhi
Delhi School of Economics Delhi
SNDT College Mumbai
Miranda House Delhi
Sophia College for Women Mumbai
  • Undergraduate Programs for becoming an IPS officer overseas
  • BA in Political Science
  • BA/BSc in Economics
  • BSc/BA in Psychology
  • BA in Human Behaviors
  • BA in History
  • Top Universities for Arts & Humanities Abroad
Top Universities for Arts & Humanities Location
University of Oxford UK
Yale University USA
Harvard University USA
University of Cambridge UK
New York University USA
Stanford University USA
University of Toronto Canada
University of Michigan USA
University of California USA
University of Pennsylvania USA

Step 3: Job Preparations

The UPSC examination is necessary to be a IPS official. You must have passed at least the last year in your degree, in any field, to be able to sit for this test.

UPSC exam has three parts.

  1. Preliminary Exam (Objective Type) It is the test which allows you to sit for the following, Main exam.
  2. Main Exam (Written) for the purpose of determining candidates for multiple services and posts.
  3. Interview

You should be a college graduated from any stream, and you must not be lower than 21 or greater than 32 for the UPSC exam. Here are some helpful tips regarding how to prepare for the UPSC exam.

  • Examine the dates of the UPSC exam and review the eligibility requirements.
  • Get the class syllabus downloaded and become familiar in your study.
  • Review the previous documents and analyze the trends in the kind of questions being asked and the types of questions are being asked.
  • Plan your study schedule because the syllabus is long and requires some preparation to be able to cover all the syllabus. When you plan your study timetable do not forget the importance of mental and physical fitness.
  • Stay informed about the news of the moment and create notes that you can revise later.
  • It is vital to revise and you should also practice writing answers.
  • Try the Mock series to assess your preparation to take the exam.

After a candidate has passed the UPSC exam, he or is admitted as IPS is transferred for the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police Academy for one year of intense instruction in policing and administration.


9 Skills required to become an IPS

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Perseverance
  • Judgement
  • Analytical
  • Communication
  • Research skills
  • People skills
  • Evaluation skills

All the skills mentioned above can be developed easily If you begin at an early age. Test this juniorMBA data analytics application with your teens and, when the time comes, you can step into the role prepared.

Salary of an IPS Officer

A basic IPS officer earns Rs.56100 and the most senior salary is Rs.2,25,000 for the apex salary scale. Alongside the base pay, allowances, such as DA as well as TA can be available.

There are four pay scales: super, senior, junior time, and super which are determined by the amount of time you’ve been at your rank and the salary you earn according to the 7th Pay Commission.

Each year, between 8-9 lakh people apply for UPSC and only 150-200 are IPS officials. A lot of Indians are interested in becoming civil servants but many are not able to serve and contribute to their nation. It takes a lot commitment, mental strength as well as time and effort to be an IPS officer. The civil serviceis an extremely sought-after jobs in the nation that commands a lot of respect and awe. If you’re the type of person who desires to bring joy to your family and make an impact on the lives of others, and then becoming IPS is the right choice for you. Best of luck with all of your UPSC preparations.

FAQs on how to be an IPS Officer

What happens once you have passed the UPSC test?

After a candidate has passed the UPSC exam, he or is deemed to be an IPS and then sent to the Sardar Vallabhai Ptel Police Academy to undergo a year of intensive instruction in administration and police.

Are the IAS and the IPS Syllabus identical?

Yes, both of them have the same syllabus, as they both take the same test, however, the class you’re placed in is determined by rank and personal preferences.

Which are the necessary steps required to be an IPS officer?

The steps required to become an IPS Officers are as follows:
Learn more about the person who is an IPS. what exactly does he/she do, and how do you become one? What is the process to become an IPS you can check out this blog to learn the specifics.
Examine the Syllabus as well as past years’ papers.
Apply for the Exam on the official website
Plan a Study
Make it a priority to be informed about the current events.

What is the requirement required to be an IPS? IPS?

You must have completed or within the last year of your Bachelor’s Degree any discipline in order to sit for this exam.

What is IPS pay?

The salary for an IPS officer at the beginning of their career is Rs56,100 . later on in their career, the pay can reach 2 lakh.

What is the IPS officer do?

IPS is highly regarded for its function in national issues. They ensure peace and law at the local and the local level. Their main responsibilities for IPS consist of those following

Conducting civil and peaceful investigations the perpetrators, and preventing and preventing criminals.
VIP protection Counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling railroad policing, narcotics trafficking and border policing, disaster prevention and tackling economic crime are all subjects of concern.
Improved community policing, security administration and the enforcement of legislation for social welfare in the country.
Commanding Central Armed Forces and Indian Intelligence Agencies. As the leader of paramilitary central agencies such as CBI, IB, R&AW and work in coordination together with various others in the All India Service.

Who are the most famous IPS officers?

Some of the most famous IPS officers are
Vinod Kumar Chaubey
Mohan Chandh Sharma
Hemant Karkare
Narendra Kumar
Ashok kamte
Vijay Salaskar
Shivdeep lande
Ajit Kumar
Sanjukta Parashar
Sachin Atulkar

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