Onam 2023 date in india calendar

Onam 2023 date in india calendar

Onam can be described as the largest, adored and celebrated festival in Kerala. It’s a symbol of King Mahabali’s homecoming and also commemorates an incarnation of the Vaman image that is Lord Vishnu. The ten-day celebration brings the most of celebrations in the Keralans. Kerala which is done with great pomp and ceremony.

Onam 2023 is on August 29, Tuesday

There are 8 months and twelve days for the event

The First Onam occurs the 28th of August, Monday. Thiruvonam 2023 will be celebrated on August 29 Tuesday. The Third and Fourth Onam occurs on the 30th of August, Wednesday or August 31, Wednesday, respectively.

When is Onam observed?

Onam is observed during the month of Thiruvonam Nakshatram (Shravana Asterism) during Chingam, the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam

If one adheres to old-fashioned traditions and honor the old adage “Atham 10 Onam”, Onam starts from Atham (Hasta) Nakshatram which is the day that begins onam and concludes at Thiruvonam (Shravana) Nakshatram, the most significant day of Onam celebrations, which makes it a 10-day celebration.

On the English calendar, Onam typically is observed between late August and early September.

The spiritual significance of Onam

According to legend the mythology says that according to mythology, King Mahabali was the most powerful king in Kerala in the state of Kerala. It was under his rule that the people of Kerala saw the most glorious times. wealth and splendor ruled the world. In order to end Mahabali’s rule on the earth the Lord Vishnu appeared as an Vaman (short Brahmin) and got the King to hand over to the land he owned. This was the reason Mahabali was banished to the lower world. Mahabali was sent to the lower realm, but Vishnu also gave him a boon so that could come to his country every year. Onam celebrations mark the return to the King.

Rituals of Onam

Onam is the festival of harvesting rice that is celebrated in Kerala. Every day of celebrations of Onam is unique in its significance.

The floral patterns that are known as ‘pookkalam’ , are the symbol of the festival. Women in the household make various types of designs on the ground, using lights and flowers to welcome the King Mahabali to their homes. People give gifts and dress in new clothes called “Onakkodi”.

Great feasts are cooked for this celebration. It is also called “onam sadya”. It is common for around 13 dishes to be made to serve this. Food is eaten on banana leaves and usually is made up of rice with various dishes, pickles and papads. A traditional sweet dish, called “payasam” is an absolute must for Onam. It is made up of sugar, milk, rice and coconut.

Vallamkali also known as a boat race particularly of Snake boats is a festival that is associated in Onam which is considered to be a major occasion in Kerala today. The huge snake-shaped boats that are rowed with hundreds of people battle against each other. Massive amounts of cash prizes are awarded as prizes to the top winners.

Elephants with ornaments and decorations are typical of Onam procession.

Thrikkakara appan (Onathappan) or Vaman Vishnu idols are placed in homes to worship.

Diverse kinds of cultural events are celebrated during Onam that includes traditions like the Kathakali dance music, art, and food.

Special dancers in black and yellow that resemble the tigers are often seen in Onam dances. Pulikali dance. The time of year is proclaimed to be the Tourism Week in Kerala because it is the ideal time to visit the state.

Onam is significant since it unites people from all faiths living within the State. It is a way to spread the message of peace and unity in the society.


Timings On Onam

Sunrise August 29, 2023 6:19 AM
Sunset August 29, 2023 6:32 PM
Thiruvonam Nakshathram Begins August 29, 2023 2:43 AM
Thiruvonam Nakshathram Ends August 29, 2023 11:50 PM

Onam 2022 is on August 29, Tuesday

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