Pink Whatsapp Download (New) Latest Version 2022

By | October 30, 2022

Pink Whatsapp Download (New) Latest Version 2022. In terms of a certified version of WhatsApp, individuals have issues. Limitations like the choice of images, lengths of videos, and the size of files are a problem. Suppose you’re trying to find a WhatsApp messenger app that won’t permit you to minimize the limitations that WhatsApp is related to and also provides innovative features. In that case, you should take into account the WhatsApp Pink program.

It is hard to describe all of the distinct functions and conveniences this tool has, thanks to its abundance of features and great usability. We tried, nevertheless, to cover all the facets of this item in this article.

Pink Whatsapp Download (New) Latest Version 2022

Additional Information

App NamePink Whatsapp APK
Size63 MB
Requires5.0 and up
Update1 November2022

What’s the latest on pink Whatsapp?

The app has been seeing a lot of recent interest in the past few months as users have been wanting to download it for themselves. While plenty of other apps are just as popular, we think pink is the perfect colour to represent the app in people’s hearts.


There are a lot of qualities that make Pink WhatsApp a special and user-friendly application for those wanting more functionality. It’s practically impossible to list all the attributes of this application. However, we are attempting to identify all of this tool’s capabilities.

Send any file of any format

You can share any type of file in any format. You can also transfer files such as MP4 or mp3, as well as any DDC, and you can transfer any sized file to your liking.

View hidden photos and videos

A time limit doesn’t restrict your ability to periodically check and view hidden pictures and videos with Pink WhatsApp. Its functions will allow you to hide both your online status and the content of images and videos.

Change the interface

Adjust the interface to match the colour, theme and notification area colour, as a few examples. Some people assume that the default colours of bitmap backgrounds are only pink.

Missing media files to your device

You might find missing media to be demonstrated multiple times. It is also possible to obtain missing media files on your device.

Font can be changed from black to any colour

You likewise have the alternative of changing your fonts into text bubble-on or changing the shade of your font into the colour you prefer your backdrop to be. Again, the default font is viewed as standard and may be changed into text bubble-on, or the colour can be adjusted from black to pretty much any colour to satisfy your backdrop.

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In conclusion, WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular versions of the messaging app. It is available in many colours and has many features that make it an optimal tool for communication. So if you are looking for a Pink Whatsapp Download (New) Latest Version 2022, this is the app for you.

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