Surah Rahman Pdf Free Download

Surah Rahman Pdf

Surah Rahman Pdf Free Download.Surah Rahman is named after the name of Allah Ar-Rahman, which means merciful. Ar-Rahman is also the main topic of surah Rahman. Every surah in Quran has its importance. Surah Rahman is the special surah of the Quran, and it is very special for the Muslims because, in this surah, Allah tells us about His blessings, not only the blessings which are present on the earth but also of heaven.

This surah shows us the power of Allah on whole humanity and His creation. Allah can do anything by His one word Kun. Nothing is possible without the will of All.

This surah protects us from difficulties. When someone recites surah Rahman in the morning, then Allah sends his angels to protect him full day. By reciting surah rahman at night Allah covers him all night by sending His angels , Allah sends his angels to protect him the whole night. In this way Allah save us from problems.

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Surah Rahman saves us from diseases

This surah also protects us from diseases. Heart patients can be cured by this surah. Many heart patients recovered by hearing the recites of surah Rahman. If anyone is suffering from diseases, he can recover from these diseases by reciting the surah Rehman daily.Surah Rahman provides us spiritual peace. We can save ourselves from different problems by reciting this surah. By reciting this surah, we can reach the way of success.


On the doomsday, surah Rahman appears as a beautiful person. This person recognized those people who recite surah Rahman daily in their life, then Allah blessed them and forgave them.

In Surah Rahman, blessings of Allah are discussed in detail. There is the detail of blessings of not only the earth but also of heaven.

Virtues Of Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman is the best surah of the Quran. our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said:

when a person reads only a single word of the Quran, ten virtues will be recorded for that person.

Alif-Laam-Meem is the three separate words. When anyone reads these three words, then thirty virtues will be recorded for him. In this way, Muslims can get many virtues by reciting Surah Rahman.

Hazrat Ali said:

Ar-Rahman(surah Rahman) is known as the tides of the Quran. Tides mean the bride of the Quran.

Verses and Rukus:

There are 78 verses,3 Rukus, and a total of 352 words, of which 179 are unique without repetition of surah Rahman.

Benefit Of Surah Rahman

1. The main benefit of surah Rahman is that it provides spiritual peace.

2. It provides peace to our hearts and mind.

3. People who recite surah Rahman daily after isha then he will die easily.

4. we can easily eradicate our problems by reciting this surah daily.

5. By reciting surah Rahman we can be cured of diseases.

 Makki Surah

Surah Rahman is the Makki surah, albeit a few researchers said it is madni surah due to certain customs. In this surah, the most repeated phrase is Then, which of the favors will you deny of your Allah.  Now I will tell you about the repetition of this phrase. In this phrase,, Allah shows the ungrateful of humans.

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